They are long-term maintenance management contracts, where Tecvix assumes all responsibility for the performance of industrial maintenance at the customers' plants. Its management proposal includes the planning and development of the best maintenance strategies, involving:

  • Implementation of world-class maintenance methodology;
  • Maintenance engineering;
  • Preventive and predictive maintenance plans;
  • Planning and execution activities;
  • Execution of preventive, predictive and corrective maintenance;
  • 24-hour service;
  • Development of high performance teams;
  • Maintenance of technical documentation;
  • Management of maintenance history;
  • Monitoring through key performance indicators (KPIs);
  • Planning and execution of services in general stop;
  • Technical management of contracted services;
  • Mechanical, boiler, welding, machining and lubrication services;
  • Management of tooling and technical management of materials in stock.

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