Own manufacture of insulated tubes of high thermal efficiency for conduction of fluids with and without sleeves of different diameters.

Insulated tubes with high thermal efficiency for steam injection are designed and manufactured to ensure that thermal energy form the steam is maintained along the entire length of the pipeline until it reaches the oil reservoir, thereby reducing its viscosity.

  • Thermal nanopores insulator of high thermal efficiency.
  • Automated circumferential welds.
  • Heat treatment for stress relief.
  • USS Buttress Connection, USS Buttress Modified and Premium.

The Tecvix insulated tube can be supplied in different connection types with and without insulated insert. The insulated insert is a metal ring filled with an insulating composite material of high thermal efficiency in its surroundings. The internal diameter of the insulated insert has the same diameter as the internal tube. The length is designed to provide minimal clearance when both the tube and sleeve are engaged at maximum torque. The insulated insert is supplied in one piece and is installed together with the sleeve during assembly of the column in the well.

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